Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What are we doing now?

Ilarion is going to Berlin for a conference on July 19th. Adrienne will meet him there on July 25th. We will then spend a week finding an apartment, learning about bureaucracy, and locating the finest beer.

Originally we had planned to go to Russia on August 1st to visit Ilarion's family, but unfortunately the Russian bureaucrats weren't very interested in our plans. Instead we are perhaps going to hike or camp for a week or so in Europe. (If anyone has any knowledge of natural areas or back-country camping opportunities in Europe, please let us know. So far we can only find RV parks with enormous pools!)

We are returning to Chicago on August 12th. Then Adrienne will frantically close her business, Ilarion will frantically finish some papers, the cats will unwillingly get stamped and processed, and we will all try to have a few more fun times with our friends. On the last weekend in August we will bring our most prized possessions to storage in Bloomington, kiss our parents, then grab the cats and some enormous suitcases and get on the plane!

What are we doing in Germany?

Ilarion has a research position doing theoretical particle physics at a Max Planck Institute in Potsdam, a suburb of Berlin. Adrienne plans to continue selling books, and to perhaps start a new business there if the Germans think this is a good idea. We will be living in Berlin with our two cats, Hamlet and Steamo. Ilarion's position lasts for at least two years, possibly three.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The most wonderful gift will be your presence at the wedding!

We will be moving to Germany in the Fall, and must travel light. Unfortunately we will not be able to transport many items. If you absolutely must get us a gift, we are registered at Amazon.com and at REI. (Click on the links to go directly to our registries.) We have not registered for many household items. Instead we have registered for camping gear to aid us on our European adventures!

The Morning After

If you'd like to see what we look like the morning after, feel free to stop by the house after you check out of your hotel and join us in the back yard. Please eat breakfast at your hotel. We will be relaxing, visiting, and drinking coffee at around 11. We hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hotel Update

Here is the contact information for a few bed and breakfast places near the Eaton house:

Burr House
210 E Chestnut St
Bloomington IL 61701


Davis Rose Inn Bed & Breakfast
1001 E. Jefferson St.
Bloomington, Illinois
Phone: (309) 829-6854

For more hotels please see the "Hotels" entry below.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


We expect that everyone should be able to find parking on the street near the house, although you may need to park a block or two away.

There is a free parking garage directly across the street from the studio where everyone can park for the party. Overnight parking there should not be a problem in the case that you decide not to drive back to your hotel.

Babies and Children

To accommodate our recently born guests we will be providing some quiet space with a changing table and some beds upstairs at the house. There will be sandwiches and lemonade for kids to eat at the dinner, and plenty of fun and dancing for them (and us) in the yard after the ceremony.


Yes, we are cooking a lot of the food ourselves! No, we aren't completely crazy. We actually like to do this kind of thing. There will be a big feast after the ceremony with a number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


The wedding ceremony will be held in Pam and Herb Eaton's back yard at 512 E. Taylor, Bloomington Illinois on June 21st at 5pm.
Food and drink will be served immediately after the ceremony.
The party will then move to Mr. Eaton's studio in downtown Bloomington at 9pm for continued dancing and revelry.
Map to the Eaton Garden
Map to Eaton Studio

Directions and Transportation

Bloomington is located right in the middle of Illinois, about 2 1/2 hours south of Chicago.

Directions from Chicago:
From 55 South, take exit 167, Veterans Parkway South. Travel south on
Veterans Parkway for five miles and turn right onto Oakland Avenue.
After two miles turn right onto Clinton Street and travel north for three
blocks. Turn left on Taylor street and travel west for two blocks. The Eaton Garden is at the corner of Evans and Taylor Streets. (map)

Amtrak will take you straight from Chicago to downtown Normal, often for a ridiculously low fare. Make your reservation here.

The Peoria Charter bus line has regular routes from O'Hare and Midway airports to the ISU campus. They are always on time and their buses are nice and clean. Tickets can be purchased at the time of departure. See their schedule here.

Bloomington actually has a number of cab companies, so finding a cab to take you from the train or bus stop to the ceremony, or to hotels and back should be no problem.
Checker Cab (309)828-0123
Red Top Cab (309) 827-9707
Circle City Cab
(309) 829-5342

We plan to arrange shuttles or ride sharing for guests returning to their hotels after the reception. Please check back for more information. (Or let us know if you would like to volunteer as a designated driver!)


We have reserved blocks of rooms at three hotels. Please call them as soon as you can to make your reservation. There are a number of scheduled events in Bloomington on that weekend, so there may be few extra rooms available.

Parke Hotel & Conference Center (The nicest place)
(309) 662-4300
Ask for the Eaton/Melnikov wedding
King suites $114 Please book by May 22.

Holiday Inn Express (Seems fine)
(309) 862-1600
Ask for the Eaton/Melnikov wedding event code EMW
King suites $100 Please book by May 15

Quality Inn (A motel, not great, but the closest)
(309) 662-7100
Please give confirmation number: 109317 or Melnikov.
Double rooms $80 Please book by May 30